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Providing Protection & Peace Of Mind with TRANSFORM©

99.99% Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide solution that is strong enough to kill E. Coli, MRSA, Staph, Listeria and Coronavirus. FREE of charge to our customers.

Approved by the FDA.

Every test driven, purchased and serviced vehicle sanitized for your maximum protection.

At Mercedes-Benz of Westminster going above and beyond for our customers is second nature. That’s why we are now using the TRANSFORM© Automotive Sanitizing System on every vehicle before it comes into contact with a customer. TRANSFORM© is the most powerful sanitizing agent available for eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses. TRANSFORM© is strong enough to kill E. Coli, MRSA, Staph, Listeria and Coronavirus. It has FDA approval and is even registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Your vehicle is sanitized to the maximum level possible but you and your loved ones are perfectly safe. Mercedes-Benz of Westminster chose the TRANSFORM© system because it is the only product on the market that uses a patented sophisticated antimicrobial technology suspended in a 99.99% ultra-pure chlorine dioxide solution, and outperformed all other competing products. Simply put, when it comes to your safety, no expense is too great and no measure is too extreme at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster.

Mercedes-Benz of Westminster will deliver your new vehicle upon purchase or pickup and drop off your current vehicle after service, and thoroughly disinfect it using the TRANSFORM© Automotive Sanitizing System.

All new and pre-owned vehicles available for sale, demonstration models and recently acquired trade-in vehicles will undergo the TRANSFORM© Automotive Sanitizing process after every contact including but not limited to:

  • Test Drives
  • Demonstrations and walk-arounds
  • Service, repairs and maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Delivery from the manufacturer

Every vehicle receives a certification each time it undergoes the sanitizing process.

All vehicles are delivered with floor mats, seat covers and steering wheel wraps for your additional protection and security.

This service is just one of the ways that Mercedes-Benz of Westminster is supporting our community and is completely free-of-charge with any vehicle purchase or service appointment.

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