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Our Staff

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  • Kevin
    Owner/General Manager
    (303) 410-7800

  • Salem
    General Sales Manager
    (303) 410-7847

    Salem Heller came to Mercedes-Benz Westminster with 21+ years of luxury automotive retail experience. He considers himself a "car nut" and began his career because of his love for cars. Along the way, Salem learned that luxury automotive retail isn't about the cars as much as it is about the people. Customers, team members, vendors, It's the collaborations and interactions that make this business interesting and fun.

    One of his favorite things to experience is the excitement a person gets when they get their new car! "It doesn't seem to matter their walk in life, people always get amped. "

    "I feel very lucky to be a team member at Mercedes-Benz Westminster, I expect to be giving our clients excellent value and service for many years to come."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Jared
    New Car Sales Manager
    (303) 410-7805

    Jared Young has been in the automotive industry since 2002, primarily with Mercedes-Benz. Salesperson of the Year, Employee of the Month, and Mercedes Benz Master Certification are just a few of his accomplishments at MB Westminster. Outside of his career, Jared enjoys taking full advantage of the Rocky Mountains by mountaineering, flyfishing and photography.

    "Gottlieb Daimler's motto Das Beste oder nichts (The best or nothing at all), influences every choice we make in our quest to provide clients with upmost first class service. Anyone can sell a vehicle once, but earning a client for life is what makes our dealership truly unlike any other. We have an uncompromised commitment to providing quality service, one of the many reasons we have been recognized with the 2010, 2011, and 2013 Mercedes-Benz Best of the Best award."  

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Greg
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    (303) 410-7820

    Greg Weiler had his first experience with the renowned automotive manufacturer as a young man who rode to school in Mercedes - Benz taxi cabs in Europe. Later on, he began his automotive career in 1991 at the ripe age of 19. Since then, he has spent 9 consecutive years with Mercedes - Benz. His love of vehicles and enthusiasm to learn more has driven him from a sales professional, to the in house S - Class specialist, to the Pre-Owned Internet Director, to being the Pre-Owned Sales Manager here at Mercedes - Benz of Westminster. Since spending eight years with Mercedes - Benz of Westminster, Greg has launched SClass.com and earned his Master Certification.


    Greg enjoys promoting the prominent brand because "Mercedes - Benz has never followed trends, but has always been the leader," and encourages his clients to remember that "buying a brand like Mercedes-Benz should be fun and rewarding."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • David J.
    Mullen, lll
    Service Director
    (303) 410-7803

    David J. Mullen, III launched his automotive career in 1994 in the domestic market and has only worked for two automobile manufactures over that large time span. David is putting his extensive experience in the Service Department to use here at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster.


    David joined the United States Air Force straight out of high school. He trained and worked in Accounting and Finance for the ten years he was on active duty. While he was in the USAF he attended Sinclair C.C. in Dayton Ohio. An auto enthusiast for his entire life, he realized that working with, being around and helping others with the same passion for automobiles was the only career path for him. Since his first day working in a Service Department Dave has always strived to treat everyone better than he would like to be treated by being up-front, honest and trustworthy.   


    "This is my first time working with a quality, luxury German automaker, and I must say, the words Quality and Luxury should always be used in the same statement as Mercedes-Benz!."

  • Scott
    Service Manager
    (303) 410-7841

    Scott Casselman is a Master Certified Assistant Service Manager who started his automotive career at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in October of 2003 washing cars. After six months of "hard work and dedication to the business I was granted further opportunity of becoming a Service Advisor, in which I held for four years."


    Scott received a bachelor's degree in business with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado. He says, "The only way to be successful in this industry is with a trusted relationship between you and your client's. It is vital to make sure that you meet your promises."


    "This dealership stands apart from the rest because of our staff. Everyone allows our client's to have the best experience possible in the business."

  • Charlie
    Parts Manager
    (303) 410-7831

    Charlie Billings is a Master Certified Parts Manager who began his automotive career as a parts driver at the age of fourteen in Mississippi. He had over fifteen years experience when he joined the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in 2006.

    Charlie says, "I know I work for the best Mercedes-Benz dealership around because our customers are constantly telling me that we have the friendliest staff and excellent customer service. I agree with them one hundred percent!"

    "After twenty one years in this business I have come to realize that there is no better automobile in the world than Mercedes-Benz, I love being able to work with the quality parts on a daily basis."

  • Rick
    Finance Director
    (303) 410-7802

    Rick Nicholas is a Denver native whose varied background includes military service, construction company ownership, computer engineering, and software analysis. He was drawn to the automobile business eleven years ago because of a great salesman. In the five years that Rick has been with Mercedes-Benz of Westminster, he has completed his Master Certification and joined the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. His primary responsibility is to back up the assets of the dealership with ethical and legal finance products in order to enhance the buyer's ownership experience.


    "I like the customer relation part of my job because I can have such a positive effect on the client's perception of the car purchasing experience. We separate ourselves completely from the pack at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster. We incite changes in how a customers perceive us as a dealership team and the relationship we build with them."


    "As the best store in the Central Region who offers a top of the line vehicle from the finest manufacturer, we never stop trying to be better for the customer. It's great to be here at Mercedes - Benz of Westminster!"


  • Eugene
    Finance Manager
    (303) 410-7830

    Eugene Darconte needed a change from the insurance business after 9-11 and began his automotive career eight years ago in New York City. After relocating to Colorado to continue his profession, Eugene ascended into finance for four years in the domestic market before joining the team at Mercedes - Benz of Westminster in February 2009. "[Mercedes - Benz of Westminster] is class act and a truly great place to come to work everyday."


    Eugene enjoys the daily variation of helping clients secure the vehicle of their dreams and cites the Golden Rule as a key to his success. In his business, he believes that "when you don't pre-judge and treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated, good things usually happen."


  • Jeff
    Finance Manager
    (303) 410-7843

    Jeff McDowell believes that to be successful in the auto industry, you need to have a strong relationship with your customers in all aspects of their vehicle ownership. This ranges from the sales experience, to how a car is purchased, and for the servicing of that car for years to come. The customer needs to feel valued and apart of the Mercedes-Benz family. People work hard in life and they deserve to reward themselves for that hard work; with the oldest and most prestigious automobiles in the world.


    "I believe that Mercedes-Benz is a brand that will continue to flourish and ensure that they are focused their past, present, and future customers' needs and wants. Mercedes-Benz listens to the feedback of customers and builds upon their desires to provide numerous styles of vehicles to choose from."

  • Chris
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7855

    Chris Blinkinsoph is a true car enthusiast who loves everything about the Mercedes brand, from the History, Innovation, and especially Motorsports and Racing. He is Master Certified, and celebrating his 10th year with the Mercedes-Benz Brand in 2012. He has previously worked with Mercedes dealers in Florida and California, but has found a good home here at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster since April of 2009.

    "I really love it here in Westminster! I look forward to selling Mercedes-Benz at the dealership and raising my family here for many years to come."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Joshua
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7857

    Joshua Grimm is a man of many talents. His background includes carpentry, custom home finishes, and Sales/Talent management. Joshua has his Bachelor's Degree in Business. He joined the sales team at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in 2006 and has proven to be a valuable asset ever since. He currently is Master Certified and was named #1 Salesman of the Year in 2011.


    Joshua excels in this industry due to his strong work ethic and his superb ability to build an ongoing relationship with his clients. "This dealership is home and I can't imagine myself working any place else. I believe when people know that you are working with a tight-knit family they will feel like they are doing business with the right place."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • David
    Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7850

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Crystal
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7856

    Crystal Hopp has risen quickly since she began with the dealership in 2008. Starting as a part-time receptionist, she was soon given the title of Delivery Specialist for the next three years. "The time I spent teaching and helping our clientele understand just how amazing their new vehicle is was very rewarding."

    In 2011, Crystal was made an official part of the MBOW sales team and has since earned her Master Certification with Mercedes-Benz. "It is an amazing opportunity to be part of a brand and team that truly cares about our clientele and the reputation we build. Where we excel as a team is being able to provide a world class experience while maintaining an at-home feel. Everyone is welcome here."


    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Hayley
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7826

    Hayley Krushe graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Marketing. After graduating, she found the pace of your average 9-5 somewhat boring. She was approached about a career in the auto industry and decided it was a great way to spend her days with people rather than paperwork. She enjoyed her first year in sales and after a trip to Colorado decided it was time to relocate.
    "After much research I knew Mercedes-Benz of Westminster was the place to be. When you combine a product like Mercedes-Benz with the people that work here you just know this is the place you want to come to everyday. No two days are the same and I get the pleasure of spending my days with great customers in their happiest moments, taking ownership of a Mercedes-Benz."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Win
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7815

    Win Lewis is devoted to the Mercedes-Benz brand. He has the professionalism and expertise to help guide the clients through the complexities of purchase vs. lease. He wants to make sure the client is comfortable and understands the processes of the ever changing dynamics of car buying decisions. His approach is an honest and straight forward one, giving the client the knowledge to make the best decision for their situation.

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Steve
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7837

    Steve Litwin is a Master Certified Internet Specialist with over twelve years of experience with Mercedes - Benz. Since joining the Mercedes - Benz of Westminster team in 2005, Steve successfully entered the 4th Quarter Winner's Challenge for Maybach sales in 2006 at the Maybach Relations Manager.


    Steve delights in creating memories for his clients and "most enjoys making it possible for them to acquire a luxury car many dreamed of owning."


    "The environment at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster is inviting and I'm proud of the people I work with and for. I pass two other Mercedes-Benz stores on the way to work every day and the additional 30,000 miles per year is well worth the drive. When customers walk in, they feel confidence in this dealership. I hope all the people that I have met will remember me in the same positive way."


    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • John
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7811

    John J. Mattis is a former engineer with the state of Rhode Island. John began his automotive career after a move to Florida, where he started off selling domestic vehicles before moving on to Mercedes-Benz and becoming Master Certified. He has thrived in this industry for 23 years; 13 of which were with Mercedes-Benz.

    "I like making the client happy, taking care of their needs, and building long term relationships."

    My favorite thing to say to a client after they purchase is "welcome to the family" because at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster you truly are part of a family. "It's a pleasure to come to work, to be proud of where you work, and to have a facility set up to help the client with any aspect of their vehicle needs."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Katie
    Master Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7829

    Katie O'Neill was first drawn to the business after a bad experience while purchasing a vehicle herself. After three months at her first dealership, she was named the top salesperson. She has now been in automotive sales for thirteen years and is Master Certified. Katie has taken advantage of and is very fluent in the European Delivery Program. Katie was nominated in 2011 to participate in the week long Master Guild Tour in Stuttgart, Germany. She was also the Market Winner of the 2011 Regional Walk Around Contest.

    After becoming the top salesperson at Mercedes-Benz in San Francisco, Katie relocated to Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in 2005 in order to start the local new car internet department.

    Katie enjoys helping clients make the right purchase for their lives and making their dreams come true. She was a wardrobe consultant before selling cars and thinks, "the car should be a good fit, just like the perfect suit."

    "Mercedes-Benz of Westminster is the only organization to do business with in Colorado. The core reason is management and ownership. This dealership is especially interested in excellence in its community and is ultimately loyal to the family it employs."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Brian
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7859

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Josh
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7828

    Josh Richardson began his automotive career in 2007; he was looking for a change from the European professional basketball scene. After playing abroad for 5 years, he was getting tired of having to leave his family to report for training camp. Although his experience has been mainly in the domestic market, Josh has really come to appreciate what a luxury brand has to offer. "Mercedes-Benz has the best finish on their vehicles - hands down! It is hard to find anything wrong with the product." He started his career with Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in October of 2009 and says, "Neither of the two dealerships I worked for previously, cared about their customers the way that Mercedes-Benz of Westminster does."


    Josh graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's degree in social work in 2003. When he was asked what he thinks it takes to be successful in the automotive industry he responded, "Be honest, be yourself, have fun with the customers. After all, buying a car should be fun - being that you will spend a lot of time in your vehicle."

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Ben
    Certified Sales Consultant
    (303) 410-7821

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Jordan
    Certified Sales Consultant

    Jordan Staucet joined the sales team at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in February 2012 after impressing us with his work ethic. Looking for a career change, Jordan took his job search to the streets - literally. Most would be intimidated by handing resumes to complete strangers on a busy street corner, but Jordan thrived and we saw value in his dedication. Jordan truly enjoys building everlasting relationships with people - both in and out of the workplace. Although new to the car industry, Jordan's passion for luxury automobiles and the sincere genuineness that he shares with everyone around him has helped his success within the organization. Jordan also holds a Bachelor degree in Business Marketing from Arizona State University.


    "I am truly impressed by the Mercedes Benz brand and enjoy providing ample knowledge and education to my customers to assist them in making the right decision."


    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Brittany
    Client Relations Manager
    (303) 464-6660

  • Alec
    Sales Assistant
    (303) 410-7828

  • William
    Lot Technician Manager

  • Linda
    Service Advisor
    (303) 410-7810

    Linda Konecny fascination with cars began as a teenager. "I could name a car just by looking at its wheels." The passion that she has for automobiles launched her into a position with Mercedes-Benz of Missoula, Montana. She started there in 2002 as a shuttle driver. During that time she was committed to learning everything she could about the vehicles. It wasn't long before she was offered a position with the company as a Service Advisor. "I knew this was the right place for me to be." Linda is currently working on becoming Master Certified through Mercedes-Benz USA. "I love my job. Every day is an adventure!"

  • Tracey
    Service Advisor
    (303) 410-7816

    As early as I can remember, my family spent several hours in the garage cleaning and polishing the Trans Am for local car shows in Arizona. Weekend after weekend, from one show to the next, we displayed my Fathers pride and joy a 1981 Pontiac Trans-Am. I am the proud owner of that car today after 30 years.


    I was given the opportunity to work in the auto industry in 1996, directly out of high school.  I was seeking a career that would allow me to become independent. At that time, I had no idea it would become my life. Although I am new to Mercedes-Benz, my career started with a 15 year journey with General Motors.  Many things have changed in the auto industry through the years; however, my passion for providing clients with exceptional service has not.


    If I have learned anything over the years it is that you never know what might be coming into the service drive. Every client that I meet face to face or on the phone is an opportunity. What I do know is the opportunities are endless. Every day you have the opportunity to make someone's day or correct problems.


    I feel that through my career I have accepted new challenges and I always want to move forward to new opportunities. Joining the Mercedes-Benz family, I have reached the pinnacle of the service industry. I enjoy the challenge and look forward to this new chapter in my career.

    Certified: Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

  • Nathan
    Service Advisor
    (303) 410-7818

  • Doug
    Service Advisor
    (303) 410-7846

  • Noah
    Service Writer
    (303) 410-7860

    Noah Chacon is a native of Colorado and a passionate and devoted Denver Nuggets Fan. His most important roles in life are being a great husband and the father of an outgoing daughter. He has been involved with automobiles his entire life and has worked in the industry since 2004. Noah started his career with Mercedes-Benz of Westminster as a Lot Technician. His first promotion was enhancing our website with photographs he had taken of vehicles for sale. Moving up the ladder once more, Noah is now a Service Writer. Working closely with management, he ensures that our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are inspected and restored to meet the highest standards before the vehicle is sold.

    "I really enjoy what I do here and that makes it easy to come to work everyday. This dealership has provided me with an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I am excited to see how far I can go with this outstanding team of people."

  • Bob
    Parts Specialist
    (303) 410-7807

    Bob Benning started in the automotive industry in 1977 as a courtesy driver at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Austin. Since then he has worked with over 20 car lines in four states. Now being employed with Mercedes-Benz of Westminster, Bob feels he has come full circle.

    "I can say unequivocally, Mercedes-Benz of Westminster is the finest dealership I have ever worked at. My co-workers are exceptional and the customers are awesome!"

  • Bobby
    Parts Advisor

    Bobby Waytshas certainly left his stamp here with Mercedes-Benz of Westminster since joining the crew in February of 2008. Initially attracted to the brand because of the exceptional products, his passion still shines through as he has earned both employee of the month awards and his Master Certification. He says it best; "It's the wonderful people that make coming to work so easy!"




  • Shawn
    Parts Advisor
    (303) 410-7808

  • Fritz
    Parts Specialist
    (303) 410-7838

  • Shannon
    Administrative Assistant
    (303) 410-7845

  • Jeff
    Service BDC Agent/Alt. Tran. Coordinator
    (303) 410-7865

  • Alisha
    Alt. Tran. Coordinator

    Alisha Walenta joined the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster in January 2012. Before she was given the opportunity of working here, Alisha was an Infant Nursery Supervisor in a childcare. Once she came on-board at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster, she knew that she found where she belonged! Alisha states that "everybody here welcomed me and made me feel like family".


    Alisha loves knowing that she is the person each customer comes to, to get them back on the road while their car is being serviced. She enjoys spending time with her family (husband, two sons, and her dog). She also enjoy exercising, camping, and of course, shopping! Alisha is a very happy-go-get-'em kind of person and loves to smile. That being said, Alisha does her best to make every person she comes across smile and brighten their day, at least a little bit!


  • Peter
    Service Drive Greeter

  • Tim
    Customer Relations, Business Development Center
    (303) 410-7834

  • Melissa
    Customer realtions, Business Development Center

  • Kristelle
    Customer Relations, Business Development Center

  • Nick
    Customer Relations, Business Development Center
    (303) 410-7866