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Mercedes-Benz of Westminster’s Lease Return Center

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When you lease your Mercedes-Benz and when you return it

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz of Westminster Lease Return Center. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster we can assist you with the lease end process and look forward to the opportunity to show you new options for moving forward into your next Mercedes-Benz lease or purchase.

Did you know with our Loyalty Accelerator Program we can waive your last 3 lease payments* when you enter a new lease or finance contract with Mercedes-Benz Financial?

Also included in the Loyalty Accelerator Program is a $500 lease wear and tear damage waiver. Leases nearing maturity should be inspected by Mercedes-Benz Financial. While the inspection is not required it is free of charge and will be performed by a independent third party at your home or office and will prevent unanticipated charges being presented to you after you have returned your vehicle.  Inspections can be scheduled by calling 800.873.5471

If you are interested in purchasing the Mercedes-Benz you are currently leasing, we are happy to assist with lease end purchases.

Lastly, if you are just wanting to turn the vehicle in and terminate your lease; simply bring in the vehicle, all keys and manuals.  At that time all that is required is an end of lease odometer statement for Mercedes-Benz Financial. We will remove your license plates from your current vehicle and you will be on your way.

*Deferred payments cannot be waived

Call Mercedes-Benz of Westminster to discuss your options at 720-673-9843
Call Mercedes-Benz financial to set up the lease end pre-inspection at 800-873-5471

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Mercedes-Benz of Westminster's Lease Return Center

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