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Being the owner of a brand new Mercedes-Benz of Westminster comes with its own share of responsibilities. Your Mercedes-Benz needs very specific levels of maintenance and care if you want it to provide you with many years of flawless service. The vast majority of these services such as tire rotations are relatively inexpensive, yet without them, your Mercedes-Benz will not provide the level of service you expect from it.

There are many areas of your new Mercedes-Benz which will require servicing or replacement over its lifetime. For most vehicles, tires, batteries, and brakes are the most common. Failure to take care of these four basic systems might not only damage your Mercedes-Benz but can lead to tragic accidents.

Remanufactured Parts

Remanufacturing of automotive parts begins with an inoperative, failed or worn out part called a “core.” The core is disassembled so that the subsystems and components can be cleaned, tested, repaired, reworked and/or replaced. These components are then restored to a “like-new” specification, reassembled and tested to a quality of level so high that every Genuine Remanufactured Part is backed by the very same warranty as parts that are brand new. The difference in terms of how a part is brought back to working condition are subtle, but important as they often carry different warranties and distinctions. These are some of the ways that parts get “remanufactured” by aftermarket sellers:

  • Repaired: usually refers to a part that is simply made operational again
  • Recycled: typically refers to a salvaged/used part
  • Restored/Reconditioned: refers to older parts, typically parts that are “freshened”
  • Rebuilt: refers to a simple replacement of only those components that may be broken or unusable, without a complete disassembly and inspection


To get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz, it’s important to care for it properly. Along with regular maintenance at your dealership, Mercedes-Benz StarParts can help keep your vehicle in top shape. They’re authentic, competitively priced and designed specifically for vehicles five years and older.

Common StarParts:
  • Brake Discs and Brake Pads
  • Engine Air Filters (NEW)
  • Oil Filters and Cabin Air Filters
  • Spark Plugs and More!
Available in a variety of Mercedes-Benz Models:
  • 2008-2014 C-Class
  • 2006-2011 CLS
  • 2003-2014 E-Class
  • 2006-2012 GL
  • 2006-2012 GLK
  • 2006-2012 ML
  • 2005-2012 R-Class
  • 2005-2011 SLK

Quality OEM Parts. Original Mercedes-Benz Auto Parts Online

Tires Do More than Most People Realize

The car tires on your Mercedes-Benz do far more than keep your vehicle safely in contact with the road. Your car tires provide traction in a wide range of weather conditions throughout the Westminster area, and over an incredible variety of road surfaces. They have been engineered to handle extremes in temperature without catastrophic failure, and at high speeds.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is forgetting to check the air pressure in your car tires. When you allow the pressure in your car tires to become low, you expose them to a number of potential problems. Car tires that are low in pressure will overheat causing the rubber to break down, while low tread can lead to loss of control. Both of these conditions can lead to tragic accidents which can easily be avoided. Keep your family safe by checking the air pressure regularly, and replace worn car tires before they become unsafe.


Brakes Make the Difference

Most drivers in Westminster never give their car brakes a second thought, believing that as long as they stop the car all is well. However, brake pads and shoes are fast wearing items that are vital to the safety of everyone in your Mercedes-Benz and on the road around you. Your car brakes should be inspected on a regular basis when your car tires are being rotated presents the perfect opportunity.

Allowing a Mercedes-Benz factory trained certified technician in Westminster to inspect your car brakes ensures that problems such as excessive wear or damage can be spotted early. Routine brake pad and shoe replacement along with drum and rotor resurfacing will help ensure your vehicle will always be safe to drive. This same inspection will find any leaks so that the appropriate repairs can be made before a serious and possibly catastrophic failure can occur.


Feel the Power

When your Mercedes-Benz was built it came with the best possible battery under the hood. The battery literally breathes life into your car since it cannot start without electrical power. Despite the fact all car batteries have an expected “lifespan,” there are many factors which can affect whether they live this long or fall short. When your car battery starts to show signs of becoming weak, you should have it tested.

The testing process measures the voltage in your car battery to see if it still meets the needs of your car and identifies if a car battery replacement is needed or if there may be other issues, such as the starter or alternator. Age itself can be the cause of battery failure, however, if your starter is placing too much of a load on the car battery during cranking or the alternator is not keeping the car battery fully charged, your battery will not last. You should never do a car battery replacement with a battery that is smaller than the one installed by the manufacturer because you will only be setting yourself up for more problems such as being stranded when your Mercedes-Benz won’t start.


Your Vehicle’s Lifeblood

As you are probably aware, your Mercedes-Benz requires a number of different fluids to keep it running. These range from the oil that keeps your engine lubricated and running, to the brake fluid responsible for operating the brakes. Each of the various fluids plays a vital role in the life of your Mercedes-Benz and should always be kept fresh as well as full. They are also one of the most ignored areas in any vehicle.

From air filters to transmission fluids and tires, every system in your Mercedes-Benz needs regular attention and service. The only way you can keep your Mercedes-Benz running like new is to invest in a regimen of routine preventative maintenance. Our team of expert factory trained technicians in Westminster is dedicated to keeping your vehicle running perfectly for as long as you own it, call us today to arrange for your next vehicle service and complete inspection.


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