The Mercedes-Benz: History of Innovation

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The Mercedes-Benz: History of Innovation

Mercedes-Benz History

You might not realize it, but 1886 was a very important year for automobile aficionados. That was the year German inventor, Carl Benz, was awarded a patent for his daring invention: the very first self-propelled “Motorwagen.” Inspired by dreams and fueled by innovation, Mercedes-Benz has remained at the forefront of automotive engineering and design ever since.

Bold Beginnings

In terms of Mercedes-Benz history, that Motorwagen, the first petrol-powered car, with a rear-mounted, single cylinder engine, was the spark that started it all. In fact, to prove that the design was investment-worthy, Benz’s wife, Bertha, took the prototype on a 120-mile promotional road trip, unbeknownst to Carl, even acting as her own mechanic for the few “bugs” that popped up. Within a few years, Gottlieb Daimler came on board and helped to convert Benz’s idea to a full-fledged reality, marketing the first Mercedes automobile in 1901. But, it wasn’t until 1926, when Benz and Daimler merged their separate companies, that the brand we now know as Mercedes-Benz was born.

Birth of Innovations

Truly, Mercedes-Benz history is the compilation of innovation in automotive engineering. The safety and technology that Mercedes-Benz conceived and created, eventually would go on to become the standard in other vehicles. Do you enjoy not feeling every little bump and dip in the road? Well, you can thank the 4-wheel independent suspension that was introduced on the Mercedes 170 in 1931. That make and model also saw the introduction of the first hydraulic braking system. Today, these are considered safety benchmarks, standard on every car. Just five short years later, Mercedes-Benz engineering gave us the first diesel passenger car, the 260D, which used almost 30% less fuel than the gasoline counterpart. Remarkably, as early as 1939, Mercedes-Benz had begun dedicated safety research using a formal test vehicle engineered with a very rigid frame, side impact protection, and an advanced collapsible steering column. Door locks are great, right? And they come in handy, especially in an accident, to prevent your door from flinging open. Again, thank Mercedes-Benz, because in 1949, they developed the first conical-pin door lock. Crumple zones? A world-wide safety standard today. And yep, you guessed it, Mercedes-Benz research led to a patent in 1951 for the first “safety car body” containing a more rigid frame and designated deformation areas (crumple zones). By 1978 in the illustrious Mercedes-Benz history, the Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), pioneered by Mercedes-Benz research and testing, became the cornerstone for generations of future engineering breakthroughs, leading the way to other genius innovations such as the 4MATIC® All-Wheel Drive (1985), CFC-free climate control (1991), Electronic Stability Program (1995), Smartkey Anti-theft Protection (1997), Pre-Safe Collision Detection (2002), and the ingenious Attention Assist (2010) used to detect signs of drowsiness in the driver.

The Future of Mercedes-Benz

Consistent improvements and innovations in every aspect of automotive engineering… those have been the earmarks of Mercedes-Benz history. Those same distinctions will help Mercedes-Benz be the brand to forge what is possible in the future, further blending luxury and performance, safety and power. More environmentally-sensitive technologies, greater design constructions, innovative materials and composites… there are no limits to what is possible.

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