What Does the Check Engine Light on my Mercedes-Benz Mean?

January 14th, 2019 by

check engine light

In order to keep you safe and secure on the road, your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is equipped with numerous dashboard indicator lights to alert you to possible issues with the many systems found in your vehicle. One light to which you should pay very close attention is the check engine light. If this light comes on it means there could be a problem with the engine management system, the fuel injection system, the exhaust system, the ignition system, or the fuel system which might cause the engine to enter emergency mode. If this happens, please contact Mercedes-Benz of Westminster for help.

Additional Warning Light Meanings

Coolant Light

Another extremely important indicator is the Coolant Light. If this light is on you may have a faulty temperature gauge or the coolant level is too low. Running an engine without sufficient coolant can result in dangerously high temperatures and possible irreparable engine damage.

Tire Pressure Light

If the Tire Pressure Light comes on it means the pressure in one or more of your tires is low. Check the tire pressure information screen on your dashboard to verify the pressure in each tire.

Battery Light

The purpose of the Battery Light is to let you know that the battery is not being charged. Possible causes are a faulty alternator or a malfunction in the vehicle electronics.

Brake Wear Light

The Brake Wear indicator light lets you know that the brake pads and possibly the rotors have worn out and must be replaced. If this light comes on you should have your braking system inspected immediately at Mercedes-Benz of Westminster Service Department.

Airbag Light

Any malfunction in the SRS or Supplemental Restraint System will activate the Airbag Light. Any faults in this system can cause an airbag to not deploy should an accident occur therefore we strongly recommend you bring your vehicle in as soon as possible.

Steering Wheel Light

Next is the Steering Wheel light which is often accompanied by a warning tone. This means there is a fault with your vehicle’s power steering assistance which you’ll probably be aware of as it will require more effort to steer the vehicle.

Bulb Alert Light

Also on your dashboard is the Bulb Alert light. This informs you that a light bulb is dimming or has failed completely. This light may be followed by a message indicating which light has failed.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Finally, there is the ABS Light indicating that the Anti-Lock Brake System and possibly other related systems have deactivated. You will still be able to reduce speed and come to a complete stop but without the additional safety provided by the Anti-Lock Brake System.

Of course, we should mention the most commonly seen lights in the panel as well, like the Fuel Light. If you see this light it usually means you are running low on fuel. However, if you see it even after filling your gas tank, it could also mean that the fuel system pressure is too low meaning a possible fuel leak. The Seat Belt Indicator warning light lets the driver and front passenger know if their seat belts are unfastened if the vehicle is in drive and moving faster than 15 miles per hour. Sometimes it’s possible to forget that you’ve left the parking brake in place. That’s why your Mercedes-Benz has a parking brake light which indicates that the parking brake is still on and should be released before driving.

Additionally depending on the model of Mercedes-Benz which you own, your vehicle’s dashboard could include the Attention Assist light, Electronic Stability Control light, as well as the Traction Off Light.

A full list of these lights can be found in the owner’s manual included with your Mercedes-Benz. We strongly recommend paying attention to these lights as soon as they activate as it could save you the inconvenience and expense of a breakdown and more importantly, keep you safe. Remember, your vehicle will take care of you if you take care of your vehicle, but whatever happens Mercedes-Benz of Westminster will take of you both.

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